Thinking of Buying a Commercial Property?

What to Expect from Commercial Inspections

A building inspection is performed solely to evaluate the quality of care, construction, or alteration of a property, this could be a commercial or residential building. Regular building inspections protect the health and safety of individuals that use the structure everyday, and they are performed by either a government employee or a residential or commercial professional. And if you need reliable and professionally done commercial inspection services, you should definitely consider All Pro Home Inspection Services! The inspector makes sure that the building in question is in compliance with all codes and ordinances, sometimes including any zoning regulation in place.

In the U.S., the ICC has created a building and construction manual for codes and regulations. These will act as a basis for state and local codes; however, additional regulations could also be included. For instance, areas that suffer from frequent earthquakes, wildfire or hurricanes will require certain construction techniques or materials, in order to limit damage if any of these events happen. Areas that have high pollution or erosion issues will also need specific materials and construction methods to decrease environmental damage.

During a construction job, the first inspection is done before any construction starts when plans are reviewed and a site is evaluated. Another inspection will take place once the footings are done, and a third inspection will inspect the foundations. Other inspections will happen throughout a project. For instance, with complex buildings, commercial inspections are done much more often. There will be a final inspection before a building can be used. Sometimes a particular inspection will be done by another professional, someone that specializes in a certain area of construction. Experts could specialize in reinforced concrete buildings or electrical systems, for instance.

For older building, an inspection will primarily focus on the care of the building. Most states and cities will need frequent inspections done on public buildings, this is to make sure all safety regulations are being met. Fire hazards is a constant worry. Prospective homeowners will always ask for a building inspection, before putting an offer on a house.

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