What Is Checked by a Home Inspector?

What Home Inspector Services Include

A home inspector services checklist is an important document which every aspiring homeowner should retain. A home inspection is designed to be in-depth, and any problems, either small or large, may be too expensive to warrant buying a property. The information on a checklist can prove to be invaluable. It must include every part of a house. Not only this, the list must cover the lot in addition to any surrounding buildings, patios, decks or driveways found on a property.

Barns, shed and garages should be included as well, including porches, entrance way’s and balconies. A home inspector should report on the structural integrity of a property. The state of the lot, plus, notes on the drainage quality. Wells and water lines have to be inspected too.

Mention of exterior parts of a house have to checked as well. The condition of a roof is extremely important because if replacement is required, this will mean a huge expense to the potential buyer. A home inspector must also comment on the state of the gutters and any chimneys present. Whether a property has any stucco or siding, the condition of the exterior walls and trim must be included.

The interior and the numerous systems of a property have to be included. These could include: heating, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing systems. Any attics or basements must be thoroughly inspected. The quality of the attic insulation must also be noted in addition to the condition of a basement. Any moisture issues, and if a basement is finished or not, should be noted accordingly.

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